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Weight loss tricks which are not well known can give you an advantage you would not otherwise have. Many people find it difficult to lose weight in a safe and consistent way, but it is not that difficult if you know exactly what to do. There are many techniques and little known tricks you can use which will help ease the process, and speed it up. In this article you will find some very efficient weight reduction tricks.

Weight Loss Trick 1

Keep an accurate and honest record of your progress. Some weight loss tricks which we don't want to use are the ones which cause self inflicted misery. We can often lose the battle ourselves by being dishonest about our calorie intake or our missed exercise because we were too busy. This can largely be avoided by keeping an accurate weight graph. It is easy to use graph paper to plot the results of your weight loss progress, or lack of it. Make sure you weigh yourself consistently, wearing the same clothes, at the same time every day. When the graph is joined together to form a line, you will have visual evidence of your progress.

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Weight Loss Trick 2

Keep a record of the food you eat. So many people fool themselves by choosing not to remember all of the times they gave in and ate something they shouldn't have eaten. Then, they feign surprise at their lack of progress on the scales. Make a complete written record of everything you eat, keeping it accurate and comprehensive. Make a note of how much you eat, and the time of day you eat it, as the body burns calories at different rates at different times of day. Try to note the exact number of calories if you can. The weight loss graph and diary will allow you to analyze for yourself what you are doing that is producing results and what is not.

Weight Loss Trick 3

Get rid of the junk food. Junk food, or as some call it "fast" food, is riddled with empty, useless calories. Even eating this once a week will put a severe brake on your progress, as one meal of a burger, some fries and one sugar laden drink can contain the same calories as you would get from three healthy meals. There is no way you can expect to lose weight by taking in an extra day's worth of calories every week, let alone daily, so the junk food should be cut out entirely. One can of soft drink can contain 240 calories or more.

Weight Loss Trick 4

Set a goal for yourself. It doesn't matter if the goal is modest, as some people only need to lose a small amount of weight. If you have a really serious problem with obesity, as so many Americans do today, then do some research on your own and find out what your optimum body weight should be. Even though that target may in the distance, it will be doable with some solid, consistent effort. Everything is easier when there is a clear destination that you are trying to reach, and when a large goal is broken down into smaller ones you get a sense of accomplishment with each one reached.

You can use some these simple but effective weight loss tricks to help you reach your target much more easily. Take note of and use these weight loss tricks, because they will give you renewed hope, and a belief you can succeed on your quest.

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