5 Rapid Weight Loss Ideas For Quick Weight Loss

Rapid weight loss shedding 5 to 10 lbs in 1 week is very tempting but the most important factor is to be safe rather than foolish. It is not worth to put your health at stake just because you want to take off a few pounds for a special event. This article will discuss 5 rapid weight loss ideas to help people lose weight safely and naturally.

Below are 5 simple rapid weight loss ideas:

Boost Your Body's Metabolism

Maintaining high metabolism is the key factor to rapid weight loss. In other words, slow metabolism will have hard time losing weight because your body will store more fat than it can burn. In order to boost metabolism, exercise is necessary. A simple exercise is to incoporate walking into your daily routine. A daily routine of non-stop brisk walking for 30 minutes is sufficient. For individuals who dislike outdoor activities, then do some bodyweight exercises or aerobics at home for 30 minutes. If you have no idea of what exercise is suitable for you? You can get weight loss videos or DVD to guide you along. You can also get rapid weight loss ideas from some fitness magazines and online weight loss forums.

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Drink Plenty of Water

Water is another way to help you lose weight because it can jumpstart your metabolism. Make it a habit to drink a big glass of water every morning. You also need six to eight full glasses of water each day. Water is good because it also helps to hydrate your body and flush out toxins in the body.

Avoid Soft Drink and Sugar

Avoid as much soft drinks as possible. Soft drinks contain nothing but empty calories and sugar that can put an average of 15 pounds a year. A good alternative is fruit juice.

Eat Smaller and Frequent Meals With Healthy food

Healthy food is important and is always one of rapid weight loss ideas. Bad eating habits is the cause of overweight. It must be replaced with sensibly eating which means you have to eat smaller but frequent meals with healthy food. Healthy diet must include lots of vegetables, fruits, and less carbohydrates and fat from starchy food such as apple, berries, grapefruit, orange, banana, dark green leafy vegetables, legume, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, whole grain, plain yogurt, and all kinds of lean meat. Rapid weight loss can only be accomplished if you eat as healthy as can be.

Supper time

If you need supper, always eat your supper at least two to three hours before you go to bed. That will ensure your body will have enough time to digest the food.

The above rapid weight loss ideas are some practical tips to help you lose weight in a week and every week. Simple but effective to shed 3 to 5 pounds every week. You do not have to train hard at the gym everyday but if you stick to it for a few weeks, you will certainly need smaller size pants.

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