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In our article on weight loss secret number 1, we found about a French secret to weight loss that you can put into practice right away. Now, is there another simple food that's great when it comes to weight loss? You bet! In fact, this weight loss secret is all about fatty acids. These fatty acids can not only help you shed those extra pounds, it can improve your memory and your ability to learn.

The fatty acids we are talking about are the Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil. A study done at the University of South Australia showed that these fish oils increase the body's ability to burn fat and to increase the flow of blood to your muscles when you are exercising.

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And here are some impressive stats as a result of that study. If you exercise and take fish oil supplements you can lose around 5 pounds in just three months, and that's while eating whatever you want.

Another study monitored 68 overweight individuals for a 3 month period. They were divided into four groups. One group continued with their regular food intake, a second group added sunflower oil with not change to their food intake. Both of these groups had to either walk for 45 minutes three times a week or run. The third group was given sunflower oil, no change in diet, and no exercise. The fourth group was given Omega 3 fatty acids, no change in their diet, and no exercise.

The group that took sunflower oil and exercised lost no weight, nor did the two groups that did not exercise lose any weight. However, the group that took the Omega 3 fatty acids and didn't exercise did loose weight.

So why do fish oils effect fat metabolism so much? One reason is that insulin levels in those that take fish oil are significantly lower. Why is that important? That's because insulin is a hormone which is responsible for reducing the use of fat for fuel, and it also promotes fat storage. When insulin levels are lower there is more efficient use of fat for fuel and less storage of fat in the body which leads to being overweight or obese.

Efficient use of fat within the body leads to weight reduction. And often the first changes are in the excess weight around the stomach area, a common problem area for many of us. Fish oils will not only help you loose weight, they will build muscle.

Yet another study showed that when fish oil was taken it will burn about 1.1 milligrams of fat per kilo per minute, which is about 26% higher than in the group that did not take fish oil supplements.

There are many studies that can back the fact that fish oil supplements can make a significant difference in your weight loss program, which is why omega fatty acids is one of the top weight loss secrets. So now you know, you can put this tip into action.

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