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There's much hype about weight loss routines nowadays. Some say the best weight loss routine is to follow a diet while some others point out that a weight loss routine which depends on a diet can be harmful to the body. There's another group that claims that their weight loss routine programs works better than any other solution in the market. All in all, at the end we realize that there's a lot of hype about the whole weight loss scenario with little facts about the actual methods that work out fine.

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So what is the best weight loss routine anyone could possibly get in to? It is a tough question given the endless methods that has been introduced to the market over the years. But I feel that the best weight loss routine would be something that can be followed easily without much hassle.

If you are determined to lose weight but if time is a constraint and being motivated to follow strict diets and exercises is out of the way, how about settling down for a low end weight loss routine solution?

So here are a few things you could do;

1. If you are a heavy eater, reduce the quantities. If you feel that your body is used to a certain quantity, it will be difficult for you to cut down on it immediately. So settle for a systematic approach whereby you reduce the quantity of food intake in a moderate phase over time.

2. Replace solid foods with watery fruits such as melons and apples to give your tummy the sensation of having eaten the quantity that it is used to while, helping your body to lose fat.

3. Engage in a sport that you love. If you don't like thread milling, there's no point forcing yourself on it. Instead, if you like swimming or squash go ahead and engage in them regularly.

4. Watch your weight and in order to control your weight, watch what you eat. You could eat normally as much as you wish but in small quantities. If you feel that you had a heavy diet for lunch, eat only fruits at night.

5. Eating lettuce adds no nutrition to your body. While it is a good trick to employee to trick your tummy that you ate, filling your diet with lettuce will not provide you with sufficient nutrition to get past your days.

So be determined to engage in an easy to follow weight loss routine to derive the optimal results. But keep in mind that, this kind of weight loss routine will only work on people who have an extra pound or two to loose. If you are looking at losing 10-15 pounds or more, you may have to employ other weight loss routines.

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