Weight Loss Plans For Teens and Adults

Are you a teenager who's serious about losing weight in a healthy way? Do you want to lose weight permanently? If so, then it is important for you to set realistic goals. Most people have no goals in mind except to lose the weight as soon as possible. They think the quicker the better, not realizing that losing weight in a healthy way takes time. Teenagers especially who are concerned about their weight may be attracted to some unhealthy ways of losing the weight. That's why it's especially important for teens to have a specific weight loss plan for teens.

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A lot of people who want quick weight loss are attracted to fad diets and weight loss pills that promise great results. While these people usually end up losing a few pounds, it is not fat loss. They lose more water and muscles than fat. This is not a good way to lose weight. This kind of weight loss is not permanent and sooner or later, all the weight will come back.

Your weight loss goal should not be to have the body of some super model celebrity. Remember, they have access to more money than the average person to hire trainers and chefs. Most importantly, though, you should not strive to be like them. Your goal should be to find your own ideal weight, for your body type.

To achieve this goal and to be healthy, you should not have to take extreme measures, just eat right and exercise. These are the two things you should do to lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off.

Just forget about the word "dieting" and focus instead on making healthy choices. For instance give up sweetened drinks and choose water. Water will quench your thirst better and will not cause weight gain. Even "diet" drinks contain fructose and make you crave sugar. People think that if the label says "low calorie" than they are alright. Choose water instead.

Replacing white flour with whole wheat flour will help you lose weight. Whole grain wheat contains little fat and contains lost of protein and fiber.

Exercise is the other key to healthy and permanent weight loss. Weight training is one of the best exercises for quick weight loss. Some women are afraid that weight training is not good for them. Weight training does not away a women's femininity. To build huge muscles like body builders, testererone is needed which women don't have. Body builders use other things like supplements, protein shakes and steroids to acquire those results, so the average person will not build the same muscle mass.

Exercising will give you more energy which will help you burn more fat. You will also sleep more soundly as an added benefit. Exercise helps you build long lean muscles, and improves your immune system and stamina. Your skin will also improve as another benefit. Teenagers that are worried about losing weight should find an exercise they enjoy and do it regularly. Don't forget, if you are serious about losing weight in a healthy weight and keeping it off, remember to eat right and exercise.

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