Weight Loss Plateau - How to Conquer It

The term weight loss plateau refers to the situation where you stop losing weight while on a diet. On some weight loss programs you can successfully lose weight for couple of weeks and then the weight loss process stops. This is especially true with lose-weight-fast programs where weight loss is often a temporary one. If you continue doing what you've been doing for the last couple of weeks it is not likely that scale will go down. If the program you follow requires a substantial calories cut and little or no exercise then your metabolism (fat burning process) is slowed down and you stopped losing weight.

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In order to move forward you have to change your approach to the weight loss process.

If you've been counting your calories up to now then you have to stop doing this. You also need to change your exercise regime.

Here are some steps to help you overcome weight loss.

1. Stop counting calories and start eating to really satisfy your hunger; alternate this with calorie cutting days.

2. Try to change completely your diet and eat different types of food. Go through your diary and design a weekly menu that is completely different from what you've been eating for the last couple of weeks. It is important to stick to the healthy diet that promotes weight loss - what I want to say is do not start eating saturated and trans-fats, for example if you've been avoiding them as a part of your program. Buy a cookbook or take one from the library to help you design a new weekly menu.

3. Stop eating after 7 pm and drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.

4. If you like dancing devote one of your weekend evenings to active dancing otherwise take aerobics class, walk for 30-40 minutes and start going to a fitness class you never tried before - it might be Pilates, Callanetics or aqua fitness, for example. Also schedule some high intensity exercise days.

Hopefully these action steps will help you get out of the weight loss plateau and move forward towards your weight loss goal.

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